This week I’ve been caught up into a new site that fired up on the vast interweb. The site? Story Warren, “allies in immagination.” It is a great resource to assist parents nurture their children’s imagination (and maybe keep the imaginations of us parents kindled). It has been brought forth from the mind of S.D. Smith, whose blog I’ve been following for awhile, one that I found through The Rabbit Room. He has also become a fellow Big XII comrade as an ardent Mountaineer out in West Virginia.

Anyone familiar with The Rabbit Room will find Story Warren to be in the same vein, almost like the parenting arm of The Rabbit Room. I’ll allow S.D. Smith to do the talking:

“Story Warren exists to serve you as you seek to foster holy imagination in the children you love.

We want to do this primarily in two ways:

Mostly, we want to write and share posts that will inspire, encourage, and foster holy imagination in you. Trickle-down imagination! I don’t know about you, but I can’t give to my children what I don’t have. Children become engaged when we are engaged. Also, we need the very same thing. Our focus here will center on children, but most of that applies to us as well.

Secondly, we want to serve as a connection to storytellers, song-singers, teachers, and others who are doing this wonderful work. Imagine this place to be like Rick’s in Casablanca, except with way fewer Nazis. It’s a place to connect with others who are on the same road, to be exposed to some artists and authors who are potential allies in your battle.

We want to be champions of construction. There’s a million places on the internet to fight about stuff. (I know, I counted.) We don’t want to be another place where angry, anonymous people can prove they’re right on the internet. Grab a hammer, or a wheelbarrow. Leave the wrecking ball alone.

Let’s build together, loving the little ones by everything we make.

We want to be allies in your efforts, coming alongside and sharing our water canteens, maybe telling some dumb jokes. But we do truly hope God uses this place in your life for your deep joy and his great glory.

We’re on your side.”

This is not your typical parenting blog. If you don’t have time or energy to invest in another blog, even another parenting blog, check out Story Warren’s Friday editions, The Warren and the World. It’s a sort of Cliff Notes for the week with some smatterings of the web thrown in. If you are a parent with, as my grandma used to say, “little ones,” then go get caught up in Story Warren.

Story Warren
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  1. SD Smith says:

    Thanks, Clark. This is very kind of you to share.