Mom’s allergies were bothering her and she expressed frustration to Gabe.

Mom: Gabe you can be Mom today and I’ll be the kid.

Gabe: No thanks, I don’t like being girls.

Strawberries are in season.

Gabe: Can I have some strawberry short pie?

Finals week just wrapped up and there was much noise in the neighborhood.

Gabe: Those college kids are silly.

Mom: Yep, they sure are noisy aren’t they?

Gabe: Yep.  Mom, will I have to go to college?

Mom: You don’t have to, but if you want to be an astronaut you will.

Gabe: Do I have to go to kindergarten first?

The other morning Gabe came downstairs having dressed himself.

Mom: Gabe, you look like an old man.  Untuck your shirt.

Gabe: But I want to be an old man.


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  1. Hollie says:

    Yes I made the blogroll! I’m so excited:) Gotta love the Gabers!