A rabbit hole I find myself getting lost in is Abraham Piper’s new blog, Downhill Both Ways. Its design is simple, which allows the pictures and words to jump out at you and take center stage. The reason I have enjoyed it so much is the writing, which ironically, is what I distaste about most blogs. I usually skim most of the blogs in my feeder, following most for the one in five good posts. Piper, however, causes me to pause, much like the long leisurely walks he records.

I find myself taking in the whole of each post, which have just enough raw abstract pictures to tease the imagination. Abraham chronicles his thoughts in a way that reminds me of how I compose many of my own thoughts while looking at the world through early morning walks– he just has a different context (and time of day); however, I don’t think he would say a better context. He could still fill his pages with long walks through a half deserted rural town.

“Well, it’s not so much that I see weird things as that I try (especially when I’m out walking) to see what’s interesting about ordinary things—to see what’s interesting about things I’m used to.”

I find walks do to my mind what shaking does to an etch-a-sketch, yet Abraham forms words much better than I ever could.

Abraham writes from walking the streets of Minneapolis, and I shared his blog with a good friend of mine displaced from his Twin City homeland. He commented, “I can see why you like him, he sounds like you.” Perhaps there is some narcissism in my appreciation. Either way, Downhill Both Ways is worth the time to read.


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