My wife sent me a text today. I glanced at it quickly and read:

I’m sorry I love you.

I took a better second look:

I’m sorry. I love you.

A lot can rest on a period.

Love you too Babe.


5 Responses to I Am Thankful For Punctuation, Period.

  1. Hollie says:

    Are you sure there was a period there:)

  2. Eric Crawford says:

    Yes, a lot can rest on a period. Like a baby.

  3. clarkitect says:

    Eric thanks for catching the pun.

    Marti- I totally thought that was hacked spam with an address like that. Perhaps that is purposeful on their part. I want something more of a sarc font. So I can pick from Times New Roman, Arial, or Sarc.

  4. Right on! It’s these little things that can make or break relationships.