Gabe and Ty are brothers. Gabe is the blonde, Ty is the redhead, and that is pretty much where the similarities end. Gabe and Ty have conversations… that no one else can understand. Here are the one’s I could decipher.

Ty eats dirt– like it is crushed Oreo. Ty got a blood test at the doctor. Gabe informed me of his brother’s misfortunes.

Gabe: Ty had to get a blood bath today.

After a day of birthday celebration for Ty, his brother Gabe is ecstatic.

Gabe: This is the best birthday I never had!

Ty had a large marker stain down his arm. I began to inquire how it happened. Gabe, in his best Columbo.

Gabe: Well, we didn’t color today. It must be a strange marker rash.

During prayer before supper Ty wanted to move things along a bit. Gabe again channeled Columbo.

Mom: Ouch! Ty just stabbed me with his fork.

Gabe: Maybe he thought Mom was food.


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