While the wife is a barista at the local coffee shop the boys and I are left to our own devices. Recently I picked up an idea for a fun activity to do with the boys from Abraham Piper, over at twentytwowords.com, called camera tag. We gave it a try.

Gabe was off like a bolt of lightning, and he proved difficult to capture in the lens.

Ty did not seem to grasp the concept at first but soon picked up on the goal of not getting captured by the camera.

Then Ty found the edge of the counter as he was escaping capture and came out crying.

At that point Ty was done. However, he took it well and sought out the camera to get his picture taken.

Gabe continued to be elusive.

This one came close.

Then he began to cheat.


Then Gabe found the wall… hard…

with his nose.

He paused for a bit to get some ice and his injured mug taken,

but only for a little bit.


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