There is a certain wisdom found in children somewhere between their unflinching faith and their brutal honesty. Sitting on the floor with my two boys my oldest exclaims, “Dad, your the best.” That’s not necessarily the wisdom part– stay with me. Since his mom was gone for the evening he followed that statement with a disclaimer that his mother was indeed, “the greatest mom in the world.” I gave him both of our thanks and wrote it off as the cuteness of a four year old. However, as I put the boys to bed and gazed at the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling I thought: perhaps Gabe has a real point. I am not making a bold blanket claim that my wife and I are the greatest parents in the world. However, there is wisdom in that statement from Gabe about his mother that could easily be applied by his father towards her.

It got me thinking upon the chapter, A Practical Theology of Pornographic Lust in a book authored by Mark Driscoll.

“All that Adam had seen to that point in his life were aardvarks, sea bass, and other animals that would not look good in a wedding photo. Eve may or may not have been beautiful, but to Adam she was glorious because she was all he had ever known. Practically, he had no standard of beauty to compare his bride to—she was his only standard of beauty. In creation, we see the wise pattern that for every man his standard of beauty is not to be objectified, but rather it should simply be his wife.”

This not only applies to beauty. Beauty is one of many elements. Gabe can see that “wise pattern” in his mother. She is the best mother in the world for she is his. She is the mother God gave him. That’s all he needed to be sure of such a fact. It caused me to completely rethink my wife.

Musės lerva (maggots) by Dalius Baranauskas

This brings us to maggots. There is in fact no greatest wife or mother or father or husband on the face of the earth. In fact, compared to God, we are a pile of maggots, selfishly fighting and crawling to better our position– merely objects of wrath. We are not made the greatest by any of our own doing, but we are made greatest through Christ in us. My wife is the greatest wife in the world, for God gave her to me and God has made her holy and without blemish.

My fountain is blessed,
and I rejoice in the wife of my youth.
She fills me at all times with delight,
and I am intoxicated always in her love.
Proverbs 5:18-19

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