I remember first learning the word sabbatical in 1991, the year Bill Watterson went on one.  I still miss Calvin and Hobbes, and I really haven’t looked at a Sunday comic since its farewell in 1995.  I respect Bill Watterson’s stance (which is why you don’t see a Calvin and Hobbes picture attached to this post) and ever since he retired I keep thinking maybe it’s just a really long sabbatical.  To this day I associate that word with Mr. Watterson, still one of my favorite authors.  With that, what has happened to clarkumentary?  

It started with taking a sabbatical for work.  I was called in to help finish a major project at work and started to pull some very long hours.  The project got done, and the blog suffered.

Then it was time to have our third child, and our first girl.  I did post something about that… as a guest on my wife’s blog.  We had a baby, and the blog suffered.

Then Thanksgiving approached.  November isn’t just another month, it’s the beginning of wreath season.  After Halloween it’s time to gear up to begin making wreaths for the upcoming Christmas season.  My nights and weekends were filled with listening to Cyclone football and basketball on the radio and making wreaths.  Starting the week of Thanksgiving, those nights and weekends get transferred to help run the tree farm.  We made a lot of wreaths and sold a lot of trees, and the blog suffered.

Then it was Christmas, and the New Year.  There has been another big project at work to wrap up, and another one that hopefully gets started.  Yet again, the blog suffered.

We’ve had snow after snow, followed by frigid cold and thick ice.  You think I would be shut up inside ready to write.  I spent all my time shoveling three foot deep snow drifts.  I moved snow, and the blog suffered.

Baby Callie is healthy and growing, work has been steady, the holidays are over, and it hasn’t snowed for a week.  The sabbatical is over.  However, the biggest factor in putting an end to this sabbatical is my wife becoming a barista again.  She took some maternity time after having the baby, and since I write on nights she is serving coffee the blog has suffered.  She gets some adult time and I get a mind stimulating outlet, but really it’s my coping mechanism while she is away.  So in the words of the great Rhino: Let it Begin, LET IT BEGIN! 


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