Back in October we had Callie, our little baby girl. Gabe has been infatuated with her from the beginning, and it has triggered its own set of conversations.

On the day of the birth Grandma and Grandpa were bringing the boys by the hospital to see the latest addition to the family.

Grandma: There have been so many surprises today it’s like Christmas.
Gabe: Grandma, this is better than Christmas!

Then it was time to bring Callie home. Gabe thought she was awfully cute, but awfully loud.

Gabe: You know what my baby sister is sayin’?
Me: What?
Gabe: She wants to go back to the hospital.

Callie likes to cry… loudly. Gabe thinks he has the “magic touch” to calm her down.

Gabe: I’ll use my magic touch to calm her down.
Callie: (continuous crying)
Gabe: (rubs Callie’s back)
Callie: (ends crying)
…five minutes later
Callie: (crying)
Gabe: (rubs Callie’s back)
Callie: (crying louder)
Gabe: Oh, it’s not working!
Mom: Callie, you win the prize for crabbiest baby.
Gabe: Oh Mom! Can we go get her prize at Happy Joes?!

Gabe is already playing the role of protective big brother.

Gabe: Who is baby Callie gonna marry when she gets a life?


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