The pages of my Moleskine are quickly running out so I need to download a few pages before I retire it to the shelf and move onto a new one.

This past August we were looking for a minivan since we were upgrading the family from four to five. We were specifically looking for an early 2000’s Honda Odyssey. Each time we went to look at one for sale someone had bought it just before we arrived. Gabe began to become perturbed.

Gabe: Why do people keep taking our van?!

Gabe has also become a big Star Wars fan and posed this question to himself:

Gabe: Why is Darth Vader’s light saber red?
Gabe: Because he doesn’t like blue.

Gabe also has an affinity for making up games much like Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes making up Calvinball:

Gabe: Guys, guys, hey guys, let’s play a game.
Mom: What are we going to play?
Gabe: Mom you be the princess, and I’ll be the king. Dad, you’re the castle.
Me: How’s this game going to work again?

Waiting to ride the log ride at Adventureland this summer we had to wait a long time. We saw a lot of people go by on floating logs before we got our turn. A lot of people began waving at Gabe.

Gabe: Why are those people waving at us?
Me: Because you’re cute.
Gabe: But you’re not cute.

I got the last laugh on this one.
Gabe, honest but sweet:

Gabe: Mom, you’re an old lady, but you’re still special.

Gabe: What does ‘natural’ mean?
Mom: Well that is kinda tough to describe.
Gabe: Well, you need to call Dad, he knows everything.

Mom: All right, I’m going to get going.
Gabe: Dad, now we can really have some fun.

Gabe the politico:
Mother and I were discussing the stipulations of the health care plan being proposed by the House in the car. Gabe decided to spout out from the back:

Gabe: I have no idea what you guys are even talkin’ about.
Me: Gabe, you don’t want to know what we’re talking about.
Gabe: You guys have no idea what you are talkin’ about.
Mom: Yup, you’re right. I don’t think anyone has any idea what they’re talking about.

Gabe riding home in the car with Grandma & Grandpa:

Gabe: I’m tired, I’m gonna stop talking now.


2 Responses to Conversations with Master Gabe

  1. EClark says:

    Hey I'm loving all the updates. You must be getting in some creative time during the snowstorm. I know you said you couldn't find the moleskine journals at Borders in Ames anymore. I noticed them at a Borders out here. Would you want me to get some for you? And on your other post. I heart the PW Cookbook, thanks so much. I made the cinnamon rolls for the guys at work and one comment was, "these are the next best thing to Jesus."

  2. clarkitect says:

    I can get the Moleskines here, they just stopped carrying the hard covers.