Fear not oh blogosphere. Clarkumentary has not gone offline. I have been forced into a sabbatical of sorts; a sabbatical containing little rest and no acquisition of new skills. However, much has happened, and it has brought new insights and understanding. This is not to claim I have had some great epiphany, but to announce much has happened. The air conditioning has been out, I have been a groomsman in a friend’s wedding, and I have been given an opportunity to try my skills at a different occupation while maintaining my current place of employment. Much blogging is to come from all this; including Ten Things I Learned in Sioux City, and the return of So You Wanna Be an Architect. All of this and more is to come very soon. Tonight my wife baristas, which usually gives me time to refill the coffers of the clarkumentary. However, I have Gran Torino on loan from Redbox, and alas, tonight it calls my name. Until tomorrow, I bid you ado.


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