I recently ventured to Sioux City, Iowa. This was no Experience Summer adventure as some have been in the habit of doing. My good buddy Dave was having a wedding, I was a groomsman, and the wedding was in Sioux City. This was only my third time ever in Sioux City, probably three times more than most people. All three times have been thrust upon me.

Dave is a good friend and has been since high school. Every Friday and Saturday night you could find a consistent group of us at Dave’s house watching movies or playing Nintendo. Dave was the best man in my wedding some seven years ago. Hollie and I used the weekend as a mini vacation while the boys stayed at Grandma and Grandpa’s. There were a few things I learned at Dave’s wedding in Sioux City.

  1. Sioux City isn’t great, but I will discontinue calling it the armpit of Iowa I once claimed it to be.
  2. Nobody drives the speed limit. They all drive slower, many much slower. Regardless of age or license plate, any driver I found myself behind drove slowly. Either that, or the speedometer on the rental car was off.
  3. I really enjoy driving the new Toyota Camry with the auto-stick feature.
  4. My wife is my best friend and I am better in every situation with her by my side.
  5. Kids are the best dancers because they don’t care what anyone else thinks.
  6. Kids are the worst posers for photographs because they don’t care what anyone else thinks.
  7. Acquaintances quickly become close friends at a wedding reception when you need to find a place to sit and make conversation.
  8. My wife and I are getting old. This is something I have been looking forward to for a long time. Old is good with us… looking forward to getting ever older.
  9. I really enjoy dressing nicely and wearing a tux is great. I also enjoy jazz and big band over hair bands and disco. I am convinced my birth date should have been 1920, not 1980.
  10. I have become (partially) Apostolic, staying up all hours of the night to watch cable television on a bed in a hotel room. (Anyone who has attended an overnight school trip with an Apostolic in their room knows that of which I speak). After viewing the fifth consecutive episode of House Hunters I lean over and ask my wife, “what time is it?”
    “One in the morning” comes the half attentive response.
    “Eh, one more won’t hurt.”

2 Responses to Things I Learned in Sioux City, Iowa

  1. EClark says:

    You're a dork. Of course everyone drives slowly compared to you.

  2. Mom says:

    Good comment Em!
    Ah, yes, 28 is old!!!