The Left Pages: a Sunday edition taken from the chronicles of Sunday, May 31:

Sermon 5/31/09
Question: Were the sheep bleating as Jesus passed on the road to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday out of jubilation that they no longer needed to be sacrificed?

During greetings in church this morning I told the pretty young woman sitting in front of me that I liked her name as we introduced ourselves.  I got the you-are-standing-next-to-your-(pregnant)wife-you-sicko look.  Names are a constant topic at home currently with our third on the way, so I am very cognisent of names right now.  This is somewhat difficult to explain during a brief introduction.  

Before church I began to realize why our little redhead doesn’t seem to get sick, but perhaps why he is a little stunted.  He devoured an anthill on the sidewalk like it was some kind of delicacy.  Apparently soil freshly ground by ants is way better than the wads of clay he had been chewing on in the backyard.  I am pretty sure he has built up a natural immunity to most diseases by now.  


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  1. Hollie says:

    the thing I find funny about the lady in church comment is that you don't even remember the name:)