One of my favorite children’s books hails from the collection of books authored by Theodor Geisel, or better known as Dr. Seuss. Fox in Socks is a challenge to read and a book that the boys love to listen to. Each time I open its pages I attempt to read it faster than the previous reading.

Recently it has been implemented as room cleaning reading. The premise of the activity is for me to read the book while Gabe cleans his room with the condition he finishes when I finish. He knows the Tweetle Beetles are the one minute warning. It has now become room cleaning tradition that we all look forward to– Gabe scurrying around his room while my tongue is getting tied.


2 Responses to That’s much too fast Mr. Fox sir.

  1. Nicoleigh says:

    Along with cleaning, maybe you should get your boy some crazy socks to go with the fox.

  2. clarkitect says:

    Funny, I should have expected that from you Coleigh.