This month’s rabbit hole has me stumbling down a deep slope with many sharp turns. I have been plunged into a photographic wonderland, and the duo of Dan and Alex McClanahan are to blame. They have recently set up a photography studio in town, McClanahan Studio. They photograph anything from families to weddings to contractual work. They describe themselves on their blog as:

“…newly weds and new business owners, and this is our new blog. We opened our humble little photography and design studio in March of 2009, and this blog will chronicle our journey towards world domination, or at the very least be a place where you can check out our latest works and happenings. We hope you find it enjoyable :)”

Now, you wouldn’t think a newly wed couple just starting out in the real world opening up their own photography studio shooting weddings and kids would be anything to write home about. However, as you can see from their portfolio, this ain’t your standard schmucks shooting senior pictures (though they do those too). They have recently won praise from the locals as best photography in Story County.

I love to plunge into the rabbit hole that is their portfolio page. Some of their images provide a wide grin across my face and overwhelming contentment within. Many conjur up a similar reaction I get when fancifully looking at wonderfully composed illustrations. Pretty amazing coming from photographs. So pull up your Aeron and enjoy McClanahan’s images.


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