Master Gabe? One of my nick names for Gabe is referring to him as Master Gabe. I find this funny since the term master used to imply some sort of rank in society, especially as a master of a trade. Master has been succeeded by mister, which is now commonly used as a saying of respect, usually to those who are elder and/or in authority. Master is still retained however, but in use for boys under 13 years of age. I remember reading this factoid shortly after Gabe was born and figured I had only 13 years to call him a master, though by 13 you have mastered nothing. Perhaps it is a purposeful use of irony. I do not know who makes up these rules, but I am sure it has something to do with the bloody Brits.

Conversations with Master Gabe are the random ramblings I have chronicled between my three year old and me on the left pages of my Moleskine. I find many of these humorous as Master Gabe is learning to master conversing in the English language. I leave you with a smattering of three.

Gabe: “Dad, can I go out and look at the big orange flower in the backyard?”
Me: “Yes, do you know what it is called?”
Gabe (in complete certainty): “Yup, big orange flower.”

If Gabe is certain, or convinced he is certain of something, he usually starts up a sentence with a good old Iowa farmer “Yup.” If he is unsure or wavering, he usually fills the gap while he is thinking with “Weelll…” The more wells, the more he is processing. It is funny to behold. There is often a bit of strange familiarity in the way Gabe uses well. I could not place it for the longest time. Then, I remembered my grandmother used to do much the same. Perhaps it is genetic, as Gabe did not get to spend many speaking years around his great-grandma.

One evening as I walked in the door after work I was in a foul mood:

Gabe: ” ‘G’ is for GRRrouch.”

He even put a little valley girl flare at the end. My foul mood was quickly replaced with laughter.

Movie nights in the summer have caused some confusion in our house:

Gabe: “Dad, we didn’t have movie night.”
Me: “Yes we did.”
Gabe: “Noooo.”
Me: “Did we get pjs on, pop popcorn, and watch a movie?”
Gabe: “Yes, but it wasn’t dark out.”

Movie night only counts when it is night; to Gabe, night only counts when it is dark.


3 Responses to Conversations with Master Gabe

  1. EClark says:

    These are adorable.

  2. Hollie says:

    I don't know I think you left my favorite one out.
    Carl: What did you do today Gabe
    Gabe: Tried to drive mom nuts.

  3. clarkitect says:

    As you can tell by the label this is to be a running series. I cannot burn through all the conversations in one post. I am tempted to remove your post to not ruin it for my enormous and attentive audience, but alas, my love for you far exceeds that of my audience.