Sitting at the table I got after Ty one evening for disobeying. It was immediately followed by this response from Gabe:

Gabe: Why is Ty disobeying?
Me: Why do you disobey?
Gabe: Because Adam and Eve disobeyed.
(Gabe has added a new addition to this statement)
Gabe: because they ate the juicy delicious fruit.

Another dining table conversation over supper:

Gabe: How did the baby get in Mom’s tummy?
Me: Well….
Gabe: Oh, I know!
Me: Uhh… you do?!
Gabe:… yeah, God put it there.

Sometimes Gabe has repeaters, or questions or comments he likes to pose to us often. He has a canned response he wants to spit out from his prodding. This has been one of his latest repeaters:

Gabe: Uncle Pete bought jeans with holes in ’em?
Mom: Yes he did
Gabe: (on cue) That’s silly!

This from the boy who no longer owns a pair of jeans without a self-inflicted hole in them.


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