Tonight I hauled off with the boys to the illustrious Des Moines International Airport.  My sister was flying in from Washington, D.C. and her nephews and I were there to pick her up.  The expedition allowed me to begin my Moleskine Experiment.  I regularly keep a journal in my Moleskine, but was challenged by a fellow Twit to begin carrying my Moleskine everywhere. One never knows when an emotion may grab you or an idea may come upon you.  Admittedly, too many visceral retorts and incomplete ideas have slipped through the crevices of the matter between my temples.  Hoping to begin closing the gap, I grabbed my Moleskine as we headed out the door and brought it into the airport with me as I was expecting some down time waiting for my sister’s plane to arrive.  I was glad I brought it.  Airports just do something to me, and in the five minutes of waiting for the arrival of the 6:20PM direct flight from DCA I penned this:

I love airports
Watching the people
    coming and going
Tearful departures
    joyful arrivals
Families, businessmen
Excitement of flight
    of going somewhere
Tedium of waiting
    of going nowhere
Anticipating my sis’
    just in from D.C.


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