Since I have begun to attempt to carry my Moleskine everywhere I have changed its usual format. I used to journal about my day each night, but found that to become hollow in its complaining narcissism. After filling four Moleskines in roughly two years in this format it switched to a more productive endeavor of bible study. After filling another Moleskine and a half in this format it became too restricted. I was losing out on the everyday events, ideas or even sketches I didn’t want contaminating my SOAP journal. Midway through journal No. 6 the format has transformed into a hybrid with my efforts in keeping it by my side. The typical starting pages on the right are now devoted to my bible studies while the left pages are beginning to be filled with random thoughts, daily snippets, bad poetry, and rough sketches. Below are some items pulled from the Left Pages.

In the Ribbed Cream Chairs
Waiting Room
next to Hol.
Only guy amongst
the rounded bellys.
Old “To be Moms,”
new “To be Moms.”
Experienced and calm,
new and anxious…

04/02/09 Exterior Paint Samples Approved
Body- 7504 Keystone Gray (5gal)
Trim- 7020 Black Fox (3 gal)
Accent- 7593 Rustic Red (2 gal)

Why Does Nobody Talk in a Gynacology Waiting Room?

Ultrasound 5/22/09
Frosted Windows.
Retracted Blinds.
Fuzzy Images,
Grey, Sublime.
Fingers, Toes,
Head and Spine.
looking fine.


One Response to The Left Pages

  1. Marti says:

    Your ultrasound poem is really good. Thanks for sharing!