In respect to the topic of choice from my last Teaser Topic Thursday I present:

“Is this Braveheart?”

Three summers ago the firm I work at was graced with the presence of a summer intern. His name was Aaron, but he soon became labeled, by me, as Apoc from The Matrix. He didn’t really look like Apoc nor did he really represent The Matrix or the apocalypse to us, but I had to fulfill my insatiable need to nickname the new kid in the office.

As the summer progressed all the guys in the pit (the quad desk area in the back where all the CAD work goes on) got pretty used to each other and it was a fun summer. Apoc soon left his indelible mark on the office with his unique quirks. The dude ate every three hours. He brought in his own George Forman and grilled hot dogs daily at 10:00AM. It always filled the office with the aroma of grilled meat at that time in the day when breakfast was wearing off, but you didn’t want to eat lunch quite yet. It became intolerable. Another of his unique traits was his noise cancelling headphones. Which work incredibly well since he could never hear us talking to him, or he either heard us every time and used his headphones as an excuse to ignore us. Apoc was fun to have around. It is always good to infuse the office with some new blood every once in awhile.

However, the most impressionable thing he left with us guys in the pit has now become a standing inside joke. We split duties in the office. One of those duties is pit dj. It gets unbearably quiet in the pit, so we tend to have music playing to provide a little juice in the atmosphere. One summer day Brian was up for dj duty; he chose the playlist and we listened. Pretty soon Apoc pipes up from the corner to ask, “is this Braveheart?”
To which Brian politely replied, “no.”
The instrumental piece with Celtic undertones continued on as we all continued to click away AutoCAD commands.
“Are you sure this isn’t Braveheart,” came from the corner again.
“No, it is not Braveheart, it is Michael W. Smith’s instrumental CD,” Brian expanded.
Again, computer clicking, music playing…
“This has got to be Braveheart,” Apoc emphatically insisted.
“Trust me, it’s not,” Brian replied, a little more curtly this time.

Now, you may assume the guy actually selecting the music would know what is playing more than the one listening for the first time. That did not seem to deter Apoc. The dude pestered on to the point of boldly claiming it was in fact Braveheart being played through Brian’s speakers. Apoc actually relented and professed that it wasn’t the Braveheart soundtrack, but in fact must be the second Braveheart album that came out after the movie. Brian finally proved his point and the argument subsided. The pit, however, was changed from this day forward. Any classical sounding instrumental music with any celtic undertones or hint of bagpipe was always declared Braveheart by our well meaning intern. It soon became one of the first inside jokes in the pit. Now, when anyone plays anything even remotely classical the obligitory response that invariably rises from someone manning a computer naturally has to be, “dude, is this Braveheart?”


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