Since I have been on a bit of a sabbatical, due to attempting to paint the exterior of my house, I decided to return with an attention getter.

Last week Hollie and I had a second ultrasound for our third baby coming in October. As we sat together in the waiting room I made a few observations. The waiting room at our OB/GYN clinic always befuddles me. Nobody talks in a gynecology waiting room. Hollie and I are usually the only couple talking to each other anytime I accompany her to the OB/GYN. I choose to chalk it up to our amazing marriage. Again, last week, we were the only couple chatting, the only people talking. We were discussing our recently acquired fuzzy ultrasound images, the rediculous ads in the magazine Hollie was reading, and what each of our days looked like. No music playing, no white noise, just deafening silence with the only interruption offered by the nurse calling out patients. I began to contemplate (to myself, not outloud) why no one talks in an OB/GYN waiting room. I chronicled a few questions in my Moleskine.

My first inclination was to blame it on locale. Is this an introverted unassuming Iowa isolationist issue? Perhaps it was due to the subject matter. Is it because everyone knows what the doctors will be looking at? Is it because everyone knows the act that got all those pregnant women to be sitting in the room’s ribbed cream cloth chairs? Hollie and I changed subject matter to insurance.

We discussed what items can be covered by our health insurance provider (or lack there of) due to “complications of pregnancy.” In the silent chamber that is the OB/GYN waiting room I asked my wife if we could declare our entire pregnancy bill with our insurance as “complications” of sex.

The nurse called Hollie’s name and we proceeded to the patient room to meet with our doctor. The string of silence was reinstated, much to the relief of those who remained. The rare occasions I attend the OB/GYN with my wife is extra time I do not normally get with her. We always enjoy each other’s company at the OB/GYN, especially since they feel like date mornings getting away from the kids. So I seek absolution for breaking the silence of the sacred halls of the gynecology waiting room.


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