…there was one blog. Then another one, and another one, and now this one. Lately I have been feeling a bit bad taking advantage of blogger.com. Creating a new free blog each time a new whim comes into my head. Now I have come to the point of having three different personal blogs and two side shows I author with others (my wife’s blog, and a new blog I started with my wife and sister to chronicle our apocalypse garden). So, why another blog? Well, this blog is to end all blogs. Not all blogs, just all the blogs that seem to grow tentacles out of my mind. Blogger, I have taken a vow to stop manipulating the ease to which you make it possible to create blogs.

How did I end up here? I started my first blog as a little foray for my family and friends to check out what I do on a day to day basis at work. The clarkitecture (a play on clark and architecture– you’ll find I do that a lot) blog was born. It soon developed into a running gag of making fun of the author’s mistakes in AutoCAD costing people money. Not a real positive motivation to continue. Plus, I kept getting other “great ideas” to write about that did not fit into a work setting or deal much with architecture. Soon, I was never updating my blog out of time (I took an exorbitant amount of time to edit) and lack of new material and interest. I found out that was a recipie for no one reading my blog. My sister would occassionally check in randomly every three months and give me crap about not updating. She lives the farthest away so really uses blogs to keep up with the fam. Clarkitect FAIL.

At the beginning of the year I began my soap up blog. This blog was a snapshot of my handwritten bible journal (Which is still my preferred medium. I do not compose well at the keyboard, and find a good pen and a Moleskine journal much more to my pleasure). S O A P stands for Scripture-Observation-Application-Prayer. Currently I have been going step by step (NIV subheadings) through Romans. The impetus of starting the soapup blog was threefold:
1.) Accountability, continuing in daily study of the word
2.) Soundness of doctrine, correction by fellow believers
3.) Encouragement, battling alongside fellow soldiers in the faith
This blog succeeded in a few places where the clarkitecture blog failed, namely in frequency of updates. It also caused me to look back in my journal to type new blogs as I was continuing on in realtime by hand (kind of the blogoshphere version of a 15 second delay). However, it was an even more restricting subject matter and I felt all the “good ideas” my mind wanted to vent were only being more stiffled. SoapUp FAIL!

The past few weeks at work have seen a large amount of CAD monkey work. Which is good for a paycheck in a down economy, but allows the mind vast plains of open thought. These open sessions soon coupled up with some interweb downtime at home. I found myself down a blogvine (hopping from blog to blog via other blogs) and came across a “webfriend’s” blog. I say “webfriend” because we’re more than acquantances, but not “friends” in the real world. Not to say we do not like one another (perhaps he doesn’t like me, I was involved in a Facebook comment session that caused him to never update his status on Facebook anymore) we just do not have cause to really hang out and know each other. Our paths have crossed at church and we know of each other– so not acquantances, but not friends– “webfriends.” Anyway, back to Chris Saldanha’s blog. One of his posts, “Everybody’s Doing It” caused me pause.

The blogosphere is overwhelming. Sure, there are niche blogs for family, friends, hobbies, etc., but beyond that are the blogs out there also providing value? It seems like most of the time people just need a microphone rather than trying to contribute to some greater good.

We need to be asking the question: Does this add value to the client and/or the community?

Chris’s post got me thinking about how I could clean up the mess I had created in the blogosphere and actually add some value, at least for my family, friends, hobbies, and maybe “webfriends.” During open brain sessions this past week I thought I had it all figured out. I would delete all of my blogs and begin posting as a contributing author to my wife’s blog over at the Clark Family Experience. Afterall, I was a big part of the Clark family experience. Besides, her blog was wildly more successful than any of my forays into blogging. I convinced her to add me as an author with no explanation of my motives to completely take over her blog with superior commentaries on such topics as architectural design and heady theology. However, as I was about to begin composing my first post on her blog whilst she was working at a local coffee shop I felt all wrong about it. I love my wife’s blog. She has made it her own, and I can keep up with my boys and her day while away at work. Plus, it seemed a bit too feminized for my taste (which is fine, for it is hers to do with what she pleases). I worried I would drive away all of her clientele of other stay-at-home moms and their adventures in child rearing. No, this was no place for me to impose. Back to the drawing board.

This brings us to Clarkumentary. After reading Chris’s blog I analyzed my own caretaking of my neck of the web. It was time to stop living a blog life all to eerily similar to my own life. I tend to segment my worlds and keep my career, my family, and even God in seperate bubbles. This is very wrong, and I discovered my blogs were clearly demonstrating this destructive behavior. So, as of this posting, all of my blogorific thoughts, ideas, musings, and writings will take place in this one spot. Whether it be something God is speaking to me in Scripture, an intriguing article I happened across, something funny my boy said, or an architectural/design topic, it will be posted here and only here. I will eventually be closing down my other two blogs. No more will I be segmenting my life into pieces or clogging up the blogosphere. Hopefully, as Chris has asked, this will add some value to family and friends, and perhaps someone, somewhere. This is my Clarkumentary. I love to write (which does not mean I am a good writter) and make no promises to not offend, but all are welcome to come along for the ride, and I welcome comments to keep me sharp. Much, much more to come.


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